Australia urgently needs real sustainable agriculture policy

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Australia has made a global commitment to “sustainable agriculture”, an endeavour seen as increasingly crucial to ending world poverty, halting biodiversity loss, and combating climate change. A recent report from the UN found land use – including food production – is responsible for around one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Growing sustainable agriculture

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‘Sustainable growth’ is the key phrase underpinning the Australian Government’s plans to make the nation’s agricultural industry a $100 billion industry by 2030. Yet with widespread and continued drought conditions challenging these ambitious plans, growers are looking to new solutions to ensure more consistent crops and higher yields – and protected cropping is one increasingly attractive proposition.

What are some examples of sustainable farming practices?

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All this week on Table Talk, we are talking sustainability. We will start to unpack the questions:

Will future generations be able to meet their own needs?

Is my farming system sustainable?

In this second blog for the week, we ask: What are some specific sustainable farming practices?
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Australian farmers putting sustainable agriculture into practice

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Australia’s farmers are a living example of sustainability leading to better business and environmental outcomes, writes NAB Agribusiness Customer Executive Neil Findlay.

The word ‘sustainable’ is invoked frequently in the commercial world but, here in Australia, our farmers don’t just talk the talk – across the country, they’re walking the walk.